TinyTapps is India’s finest company that works in the domain of pre-school and early learning solutions.

Their solutions include:

  1. Wee Tablet – The Wee Tablet is an all-in-one kids learning system with three full years worth of syllabus packed within a powerful tablet. Once activated it curates, suggests and takes your child through the entire early learning topics supplemented with Rhymes, Puzzles and Stories.
  2. Wee Learning Suite – The Wee learning is a comprehensive software to be installed on your tablet which transforms your device into a learning powerhouse for preschool kids. Armed with eye exercises, 1000+ activities and curated content it provides a complete solution to supplement preschool learning.
  3. Apps – The only  EdTech Company to have an app based syllabus, Apps are available as packages of activities you can download from the app stores to provide enhanced learning for your little ones. They are sliced by topic, subject or an entire year and available both for iOS and Android.

For details, please connect with us on +91 92 1234 6880.