A part of Relocity consortium, STEAMLABS, is an ‘innovations in education’ company that has achieved good recognition within a few years of its launch.

Key solutions for academic institutions include STEM labs and DIY Science kits. The key attributes are:
  1. Curriculum linked (NCERT), course specific, Science Trek Kits for classes 6th to 10th
  2. Innovative STEM Labs for schools to enhance experiential learning. With a vision to impart quality education that adds value to a child’s temperament;  instills confidence and analytical skills; and arms the child to pursue his goals, we have introduced Smart Innovation Labs. Schools can set up the smart innovation labs that would significantly enrich their pedagogical systems – be integrated with syllabi, be custom designed and be strengthened with global best practices of nurturing a scientific temperament. Facilities include latest technologies, *IoT*, *Robotics*, lathe and drill machines, carpentry, *Drones*, *3D printing*, mechanical and electrical labs as core components.  The labs are‚Äč fully supervised and mentored by experts. Skype interactions at ISRO, NASA, visits to air force stations, interactions with scientists and experts and challenging assignments are a value-add.
  • More than 5500 students are currently using the science kits and growing by the day. As compared to competition, we offer better craftsmanship, more experiments in each box, continuous academic inputs online and separate science kits for each class. Notable credentials include Army Public School in Ambala, Dikshant Global School in Zirakpur amongst a host of others.
  • Our innovation labs have been accepted by the education fraternity for offering a good pedagogical approach, curriculum linked approach, regular monitoring and opportunities for innovative collaborative projects like Balloon Sats, Cansats, Hydro rocketry, aeronautics, telescope labs etc – and the labs include robotics, mechanical, electronics, IoT, Drones etc. And the labs can be customised for specific requests. 
Some Important Value adding thoughts and milestones
  1. A leading global school in North India has associated with us to conceive a project to put a satellite in space in 2019 – The satellite shall be designed, built and put together by school students from different classes under the supervision and guidance of our global mentors from Nasa, ISRO and our scientist panels.
  2. Army Public School  has been featured in Limca Book of Records for  achieving a feat utilising our science kits and innovative projects. 550 Water Rockets launched in a single day (Hydro rocketry)
  3. A leading school organised a lab and the students utilised our curriculum, material and guidance to create a SMART STICK for the blind that alerts the person when someone /something is in close proximity, is GPS enabled to guide movement and is equipped with multiple sensors to assess and notify.
  4. Students have created Smart Dustbins that open/close and notify when filled or when 70%, 80% etc.
  5. Students have created Smart Drip Irrigation systems in our IoT labs.
  6. Students have been able to automate the existing Innovation labs.