Market Intelligence Services.

Relocity Analytics, a creative communications subsidiary collates, analyses and disseminates information in the most efficient and effective manner to the audience of choice.

We believe the information should serve two purposes, one of relaying the message to the desired segment effectively and in the language of the consumer, and second to assist the brand managers to assess their market standing, consumer responsiveness and make plans to introduce an ideal desirable product in the market.

This is the age of information; and information when qualified with research, facts, figures and qualitative and quantitative analyses makes it the most potent weapon in any firm’s arsenal in their fight to stay on, and on, in the market.

We add value to an organisation/startup with the following services:

  1. Consumer Data and Analytics – Responsiveness, satisfaction, awareness and research.
  2. Market intelligence – Competitive analyses, brand awareness, reach & penetration analyses, responsiveness to new launches, pre and post launch surveys.
  3. Brand Intelligence with Go-to-market plans.

Our team of experts include sector-experienced personnel with multi-competencies in market analytics, sales graphs, sector studies with demographics analytics and adept at scientific application tools.

Coupled with the services of perception management (Grey Shadows), we offer a bouquet of solutions that aid an organisation to enter new markets with complete backend research.