We are pleased to represent Gradlane

Gradlane is smart digital campus solution provider for all institutional needs. We are one stop solution for establishing communication, collaboration and digitalization in schools, colleges and universities. Our aim is to make education more accessible and easily reachable for everyone.

Unique Features

  • Communication – Form chat groups, audio calling, video conferencing and storage space up to 100 GB for free of cost to make internal and external communication more efficient.
  • Analytics – Stay updated with simple data upload through excel and generate feasible reports as and when required.
  • Fees/Payments – Fees reminders, easy follow up, online payments and on spot loan assistance for students to make sure finance should not be a problem in education.
  • Academic Calendar and Events – Plan your academic calendar and set task on day to day basis. Monitor progress, track records and generate stakeholder wise reports.

For details, please connect on +91 900 414 0003.