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Innovation Never Stops.

Logicshore is a global Information Technology company that generates value for its clients through innovation, thought leadership and co-creating transformational solutions. It is focussed on being a leading player in digital convergence, SmartCities solutions and cognitive systems.

Logicshore delivers advisory and solutions in IT Strategy, Managed Services, System Integration, Design and Development, Analytics and Program Management.

The group is headquartered in Hyderabad, India with an office in London, UK. The human capital is defined with professional teams for ERP, Program Implementation, Consulting and a global Research Centre. It has multiple development centers in Noida, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore in India. It has a dedicated testing centre of excellence in India as well.

Logicshore’s methodologies ensure value to the clients business – with stringent quality processes and training solutions that form a critical part of its delivery engine. The Logicshore Kintsugi Framework ensures clients seamlessly evolve to new practices and solutions with enhanced efficiency and measurable success modelling. The Logiconverse framework is designed to consult clients on digital communication matrices and online perception modelling based on Le Chateliers principle of Restoring Balance. The LogiCOP framework is a comprehensive policing solution and the Logicampus framework achieves tech convergence for large campuses/communities where AI cognitive designs and IoT collaborate to an evolved design for engagement/safety and experience. 

European Union and UK

Logicshore Group has established relationships with clients in the EU who are at the forefront of the rapidly changing global landscape. We have serviced clients across industries including Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Building Solutions, Utilities, and United Nations

The Group’s relationship with various clients has helped it evolve to take on the role of a strategic partner in defining and implementing their transformation plans for their business and competitive strategies. We provide Strategy, Program/ Project Management, Change Management, PMO and Business Readiness Services to various clients. Working closely with the business on one hand and technology providers on the other hand, The Kintsugi Framework assists in bringing about a seamless change.

Global enterprises who have reposed their trust on us include Jaguar Landrover (we are a part of the Connected Car Project), Santander Bank, BP, Shell, Gazprom, Black & Decker, AVIVA, BARCLAYS, CEMEX, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, World Intellectual Property Organisation (A UN Body) amongst others.

As advisors on Smartcities, Logicshore mentors have got the honour to be invited to the board of Milton-Keynes, Bournemouth and Poole as credence to the value our research-backed frameworks can achieve.

Logicshore In India

Logicshore in India has been at the forefront of consulting and designing solutions around the ‘Smart Cities’ framework. We have partnered with State Governments and Public Administrations in transformational projects. Working Closely with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, we helped conceive and build the AP Skills Development Initiative. We hold the distinction of being the very first partners providing training around development of Mobile Applications across 25 Engineering Colleges. 

We have also partnered closely with the Hyderabad Police in conceiving, developing and launching India’s first police modernisation solutions suite with an app that has today become the benchmark for law enforcement digitisation projects. Named HYDCOP, this solution has been recognised on the global platform with an UN body award, endorsement by the NYPD and numerous awards nationally.

With Hydcop, we have been credited with being a front runner in conceiving and delivering a digital convergence force enabler, a project that is seen as a revolutionary initiative by any premier law enforcement agency in the country. The Application focusses on empowering the Frontline Police officers significantly reducing the dependency on the office through digital collation of information onto a mobile App. The comprehensive backend converges the various sources of information and databases to provide a single trustworthy version of the truth.

Logicshore is also working closely with other agencies to build transformational processes and solutions in the quest towards SMART Cities.