Social Responsiveness

Relocity CSR is a professional enterprise. We provide consulting, implementation and training services in the areas of sustainability, responsible behavior and stakeholder collaboration in community projects for lasting legacies.

Relocity CSR has its foundations in Credence Communications, a public relations and perception management company formed in Dec 1998. Over the years, with changing dynamics of the global business environs, introduction of new paradigms and innovations – a need was felt to adapt, strengthen and evolve into a best practices company with interests in multiple domains.

Our patrons, mentors and teams have the requisite experience and understanding of the subject and have witnessed and influenced social changes on ground. They are well versed with the diversity and cultural nuances and will share insights, train teams and hand-hold projects to fruition.  Capacity development and building sustainable communities is our forte and the projects selected follow a strict evaluation regimen of sustainability, innovation and impact.

Over the past 15 years, Relocity teams have had valuable contributions and additions from technocrats, corporate consultants and social activists who spearhead the groups’ solutions in CSR consulting.

We assist public sector enterprises, private companies and businesses with the following services.

  • CSR Baseline and Need Assessment Studies
  • Creating the Responsiveness Vision and CSR strategy; Integration of CSR activities with Business Models and Corporate Vision
  • Implementation/Collaboration/Partnerships with Innovative Solution Owners/NGO’s
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Impact Assessment, Reporting and Value Enhancement, Perception Management
  • Continued Development/Sustainability and Community Responsiveness Trainings

 We are active in the areas of

  • Rural Evolvement with innovative village-communities-support programs
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Child Care

 We wish to contribute to nation building and assist business entities to continually evolve to a greener business, with low emissions, better reporting, community responsiveness and by implementing/investing/promoting development and deployment of smarter, innovative and sustainable solutions in rural and urban areas.

Relocity has a rich legacy of advising business entities of partnering with the communities and stakeholders to create sustainable projects.