Our research wing has researched and validated its framework for the retail segment. ReloRetail aims to bring about a seamless transition in the way brick and mortar models evolve towards digitization.

The framework is established on digitization, multi-channel integration, Data and AI engines and design enhancements to uncover a complete transformation of the storefront property.

The key components encompass design elements, integration with offline operations and logistics backend, customer and user data collection and analytics, generating experience matrices and fulfillment solutions.

The framework establishes a digitized universe that brings all elements within its ambit, uncovers data-mining and user-conversations and presents a retail experience that enhances customer experience, increase site recall and eyeballs, establishes customer engagement beyond the point of immediate interest and increases sales.

This is aimed at large storefronts, retail chains and back-office operations in logistics/procurement/assets and connecting stakeholders.