Relocity is a Business Consulting company with competencies in India-Entry Strategies and Global Business Growth solutions. 

Relocity is a name that is synonymous with credibility – a name that lends credence to every initiative, every endeavour that we undertake. A rich legacy that has seen many milestones, some that have been seminal in nature; and a visionary progressive outlook that has made Relocity, a name to rely on.

Relocity has been at the forefront of niche perception management services and since 1998, has evolved into a global growth influencer enterprise. The group derives its strength from its partner companies in being a powerhouse of innovative sustainable solutions across multiple domains.

Our group business interests are in Perception Management, Management Consulting, Smart Cities, Ed-Tech, Healthcare and Digital Transformation that are being managed by professionally run, ethically driven business entities.


We are not a think-tank. We deliver practical solutions and implement them. Our processes are robust, well ‘tried and tested’, across all industry sectors and in our markets. Our approach delivers results which enable our clients to ‘hit the ground’ running.

Our people: Born and bred in the local market, supported by 30+ years of expatriate, local market entry, experience. Our teams are a deeply blended mix of local and international professionals, all with substantial ‘cross–border’ experience. We are client focussed and operate under a set of shared values of integrity and trust. These govern what we do and we do not compromise on these qualities.

Our expertise: We employ highly-skilled, ‘in-country’ professionals across all the functional disciplines needed to deliver market entry and business expansion services, across all industry sectors in challenging markets. We bring expertise from market research, compliance, tax, accounting, business development, marketing, HR, and recruitment to deliver practical solutions to your business.

Our clients use us as their local trusted partner to deliver their on-going business support service needs ensuring their expansion is built on solid foundations and has the ability to achieve its full potential.